Monday, November 17, 2014

My race recap of The Skippo 30K

The big day finally arrived and I was soooo nervous!  That morning I drove myself to the race and had to park at an elementary school down the road where they provided a shuttle service.  Because there were so many people waiting for a ride some very nice spectators decided to volunteer and drive runners to the start.  So, of course, I happily jumped in the car with complete strangers.    Next stop was the bathroom line since I always worry about having to go to the bathroom during my races.    All of this waiting got me to the starting line right in time to take off.  And I got to see my running friend Jada and we wished each other luck.

My plan was to break the race into three loops mentally.....first one was going to be easy....second one was gonna be run a little faster....and the third and final loop would be to finish even if it meant crawling. 

So we took off and within the first two minutes a guy running in front of me fell.. He went down quick and recovered just as quick.  This provided a good laugh for all of us!  He said 'well, glad I got that out of the way!"  The first 6 miles flew by!  There was plenty of water and Gatorade along the course and the volunteers were awesome! 

I began the second 6 mile loop feeling very confidant of actually finishing the entire race.  Met some really nice runners along the way.  Actually ran part of the race with a guy who remembered seeing me at a few races I have done this past year.   Its so cool people actually know me when I go to races now.  I used to show up and leave and didn't speak to anyone. 

As I began the third 6 mile loop I noticed how isolated it seemed.  There was no longer anyone else on the course with me.  I was just running along hoping that somehow I hadn't missed something.  I was all alone.  But when I reached the first water station they assured me there were people still on the course.  I reached the bottom of those wicked stairs for the third time and I began to slowly climb them.  I noticed this third time was much harder but I pushed through.  When I reached the top this time I continued to walk for a little bit.  I was starting to get tired....I knew I still had a little over 3 miles to go.  As I made my descent down the backside of the hill I started having a pain on the outside of my left knee.  It was really aggravating but I kept running.  By the time I reached the bottom of Cardiac Hill I was glad that I was able to have some time to walk.  I had walked Cardiac Hill the first two times and had the same plan for the third time.  Surprisingly I had no pain while walking up at all.  I took off running and every time I planted my left foot my knee hurt really bad.  I was trying to alter my running style but that wasn't working.  Running down hills hurt but running up hills didn't.  So I finished the race with a run/walk method.  It was so hard mentally because after running such a strong race people were starting to pass me on the last two miles.  I almost started crying...but then told myself not to be a baby. 

Crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world!!!

After finishing I did find out that two people I know both received injuries during the race and DNF.  That is always a runners greatest fear.  I pray for a quick and speedy recovery to both of them!
I will be back next year for another belt buckle!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pre-race Jitters

So two days from now I will attempt to conquer The Skippo 30K trail race. After doing a preview 10K of the course last weekend I'm super nervous about my ability to complete this race. I've run the 18 mile distance many times and but the difficulty of this course scares me!!! 

There is a section of stairs at the 2 mile marker that is 225 stairs straight up a hill. I did okay on this section last weekend by walking up them. What I didn't know about was a hill they call "Cardiac Hill" that is almost a mile straight up!!!  I ended up walking that hill, and even had to stop a few times to catch my breath. 

I've had the whole week to mentally prepare myself for doing each of these two difficult obstacles three times!! 😱😱. I've never had a DNF in my life and I don't plan on that being the case this Sunday. My plan is to go out there and give it all I've got and pray that my body holds up!!!  

I'll catch you guys on Monday with a race recap!!!